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soul survival guide

Life is beautiful but tough. The question is, how to get better at surviving it? 

The Soul Survival Guide can help you find possible answers.

It also encourages you to ask questions. 

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soul survival guide

The Soul Survival Guide pulls together - and unpicks - ideas and approaches from the spiritual and psychological worlds. Is kindness all? Do we have to let go? Can positive thinking create pressure? Is the ego the enemy? Why can meditation unsettle the mind? 

I was inspired to write the book following a difficult period in my life. I turned to self-help and spirituality but often struggled with the solutions they offered. Was I lacking in some way, not open enough to new ways of thinking? Why couldn’t I be as sure about life as the experts and gurus seemed to be?

This was the book I wanted to see on the shelves. It’s here to help on the road, giving you some idea of where the signposts might be directing you. It also suggests ways of looking after your mental wellbeing and building resilience in a random and messy world.

The Soul Survival Guide won’t ask you to take on a set of beliefs or live a certain way. That’s up to you. It won’t answer your big questions about life either. Just encourage you to get used to the idea that there are more questions than answers!

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