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the crying cafe

Wednesday 11th January 2023
Altrincham Garrick Theatre

'Imagine somewhere

we could all be audibly bawling,

sharing our troubles,

sharing a table,

sat at a Crying Café.'

Inspired by Dominic Berry’s wonderful poem ‘The Crying Café’, this was a special gathering to uplift and connect in the winter months. 


Dominic and I shared some of our poems, opening with 'The Crying Cafe', followed by a curated poetry share, with eight people sharing their work - and their stories. 

This was the first of my poetry gatherings at the Altrincham Garrick Theatre exploring human themes.   

I just want to congratulate you for arranging such a superb event. I loved both your sets of poems. It was lovely to listen to all the other participants' poems...they were all so varied, and we got a glimpse of other people's life situations. Many thanks again for a wonderful and emotional evening...You and Dominic are truly inspirational.

Absolutely loved The Crying Cafe last night! Dominic fired up the room with his delivery and he’s such an engaging speaker…You are such an honest performer…The brave souls who bared all poetically and performed brilliantly was a great idea. The whole thing was very inspiring.

That was an amazing evening. Thank you so much for organising it.

Performing that set of poems was a dream come true for me,

a really deeply meaningful and special experience.

Dominic Berry 

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