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four poems in three minutes

Four poems in three minutes
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Just a bit of fun! Here are four poems put together for a three minute slot at Word Central at Central Library in 2023. The fourth poem is one of my favourites - 'My Poet's Boots'. 

I’m stepping into my Poet’s Boots.


I stand on earth thick

with pungent words.

My soil.

Mycelium beneath

burgeoning my soul’s fungi

in the ripe musk.


I reach down to the grist,

grasping my very roots,

stomping in my Poet’s Boots

when it hurts.


That pull. The bards

down ancient line

who sang by tribal fire & moon;


up it comes their call

through cordage wound from salt and verse;

through teeming ground, the primal pulse;

throbbing in my Poet’s Boots.


Up it shoots

the burst the rise

to reindeer ride the magic mushrooms of my mind

my fly my Northern Lights my arms flung out

to spout and sprout poetic fruits!


This is what I was born for!

To stand soul-wide

in my Poet’s Boots!

My Poet's Boots - poster 1.png
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