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Why did you write the Soul Survival Guide?

When I was going through a tough time in my life, this is the book I was looking for on the shelves. It wasn’t there, so I wrote it.

Are you qualified to write the book?

I’m not an expert or guru. Just someone who likes to ask questions and has had a stab at some possible answers.

What experience have you brought to the guide?

I’ve experienced depression and anxiety from an early age, learning how to live with it better as I've got older. I've also supported people affected by long-term health conditions. It's given me the belief that while support from other people is important, it’s ultimately up to us. We have to put ourselves in the driving seat, not be a passenger in our own lives.

Is it a self-help book?

In many way, yes. But it's also a book that explores spiritual and philosophical ideas. I hope it will encourage people to challenge their thinking and spark conversations.

What do you mean by the 'soul'?

I'm using it in the same way that we talk about something being 'good for the soul' or 'soul-destroying'. It's who we are at our core, the heart of us - but in the here and now, not some future existence.

Are you spiritual?

I admire the human spirit and our search for answers. There is so much that is amazing about us and the wider cosmos. In that sense, I’m spiritual. I'm also a great believer in connection. I think that's what makes us tick. 

Do I need to be spiritual to get something from the book?

Not at all. I've written it for anyone with questions about life and how we might navigate our way through it.

Did you plan out the book before you started?

I had some idea of the questions I wanted to explore but didn’t know where they were going to take me. In many ways, I had to work out what the questions were and, through writing, find out what I wanted to say about them. And I'm still doing that. I've realised the book is only part of the journey. 

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ali davenport

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Will questions in a box work? 

Will questions in a box work? 

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