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ali davenport

Hello! I'm Ali - writer and poet from Manchester.

This website is for anyone interested enough to find out more about me and my work. I'm writing a book right now, 

'Unearthed', a narrative memoir sharing the amazing journey I've been on. 

There's a list of my activity, giving you an idea of the sort of stuff I do. 


If you'd like to read some of my poetry, there's 'Days of Grace' and 'We're all new to this'. More recent activity is 'Stay a while longer', a poem written for a fundraiser for Samaritans and 'The Song of Ryebank Fields', a call to Manchester.

Connection is a big thing for me. In 2022, I was lucky enough to do a talk at the very first TEDx Warrington - 'Everything is connected, connection is everything'. 

A few years ago I published 'Soul Survival Guide'I've evolved since then but you might like to take a look.  

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